Welcome to Burgebrach

Burgebrach was mentioned in a document for the first time in 1023 and can look back on an eventful and fascinating history in the almost 1000 years of its existence. Our KULTURSPAZIERGANG (culture walk) invites you to go on a historical journey through time to find out more about the story and stories of the town.

In the process, you will meet Ursula von Windeck, the centre of many legends, as well as the charitable Niederbronn Sisters (Niederbronner Schwestern). The historic town hall together with its gatehouse conveys an impression of the fortification of the town in the Middle Ages. St. Vitus parish church and the parish house in the heart of the town are evidence of our deep roots in the Christian faith.

However, you will not only see and find out about the most important places of interest on the compact BURGEBRACHER KULTURSPAZIERGANG. The complementary digital service will also provide you with further background information and anecdotes courtesy of your smartphone. And the curiosity of our youngest explorers will definitely be aroused by their own section.

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Ursula von Windeck

There was once a small country castle called "Burg Windeck" near Burgebrach. It was named after the von Windeck lineage who were its lords. Unfortunately, it was destroyed in the Peasant Wars in 1525, after it had stood empty for several years, so that only the banks and ditches can be seen today. However, the history of the castle lives on in many legends about the last chatelaine, Ursula von Windeck. Ursula was very virtuous and pious but very poor and lived alone in the castle after the early death of her brother. There are many myths and legends surrounding her, but the following is the most well-known: