One day Ursula von Windeck, a headstrong girl, went with her mother to the "Steinerner Steg" (stone bridge) in the valley of the Mittlere Ebrach. While her mother rested for a while, the tomboy disappeared into the forest. When her mother woke up, she called out loud to the child, but she got no answer. She cursed her daughter in anger. "You bad girl, you shall find no peace after your death. You shall wander around in the forest, until a good child releases you." Her mother was so upset that she fell dead to the ground with heart failure. But Ursula was still skipping around in the forest like a frisky deer. Then she ran back and found her mother lying lifeless in the grass. Ursula's heart almost stopped. The girl felt that she was responsible for the death of her mother. She became pious and went to Holy Mass in Burgebrach every day.

Some boys were tending sheep at Windeck. The hat of one of the boys fell off his head and into a hole. The boy crawled after it, and he found Ursula sitting on a chest. Ursula told the boy that he was the one who would release her and he would receive the complete chest of gold as a reward. But he may not tell anyone about this. His friends had been listening outside, however. They wanted to know who he had been talking to. But because the boy kept silent, they tied him to an oak sapling with wicker as a joke. At the same moment, a three-legged hare ran past, and the boys wanted to catch it. But when they returned empty-handed from their hunt, their friend had choked to death, and Ursula had not been released.

"An oak must grow from the oak sapling. An acorn must fall from the oak, and an oak must grow from the acorn, and a cradle must be made from this oak and only the child who lay in this cradle can release Ursula."

One Monday morning during the parish fair, three musicians from Burgebrach sat around bored. Then the merriest of the three had an idea. Come, let's go to Windeck and play a serenade for Ursula. His two friends had no objections and the three of them set off. Soon the forest was ringing with the sound of merry melodies. One of the musicians called out laughing: "Well, Ursula, now it's time to pay us a fair price." Then a breath of wind blew some oak leaves in front of the feet of the three musicians. The two older ones kicked the leaves thoughtlessly aside, but the younger one put them carefully in his pockets. And next morning, the leaves had turned to pure gold. When the two older ones heard about this, they ran to Windeck posthaste. But they never found anything.

In the gloomy days of autumn and winter, many a traveller strayed from the right path at the "Steinerner Steg". Where the path was close to the valley bottom, Ursula von Windeck would appear in a white robe and show the right path to those who had lost their way. The girl would then stand for a moment before disappearing in tears. One day Anneliese Mulzert from Burgebrach got lost. Coming from Mönchsambach, she wanted to walk to Burgebrach, but she no longer knew where she was. In her time of need, she beseeched all the saints to help her. The white maiden also appeared to her and she led Mrs Mulzert safely to the "Steinerner Steg". Anneliese thanked her for her help with a "May God reward you a thousand times".

You good, dear lady, rejoiced Ursula. Your blessing has released me. And she disappeared in the mist. Ursula has not been seen since that day. She had finally found peace. However, Mrs Mulzert had a wayside shrine erected at the place where she was rescued.