The Forester's House
Station 7

A Forest Office Assessor of the Royal Bavarian Forestry Office was stationed in Burgebrach as early as 1899. The Forestry Office outpost building which survives today was rebuilt by the state between 1900/01 and finally dedicated to its purpose on 21st December 1901. According to contracts dated 15.12.1899 and 19.07.1900, the site was purchased by the state from Mr and Mrs Eck and the community of Burgebrach. The value in those days was 30,000 marks. The plans for the building originate from the Royal Bavarian Agriculture and Forestry Office in Bamberg. 

The office rooms were accommodated on the ground floor while the head official's apartment, which was first occupied in 1948, was situated on the first floor. This was vacated after the retirement of the Director of Forests on 31.08.1990 and incorporated in the office rooms. The building was repeatedly modernised through various renovation measures such as the installation of central heating or a water supply. During the building work in 1968, the Forest Office was relocated to the Burgebrach Forestry Department at Ampferbacher Str. 141 (the number at that time).

The district and the supervised areas have been repeatedly enlarged as a result of various reforms. For example, parts of the Schlüsselfeld and Bamberg Forest Office came to Burgebrach as part of the reform of 1st July 1973, because the Schlüsselfeld Forest Office was closed. The area thereby increased by approx. 1000 hectares. Burgebrach was subsequently responsible for almost 8000 hectares of forest.

The Bavarian State Forest Service in Burgebrach was divided up as of the 1st July 2005. The state forest division went to the Bavarian State Forestry Commission (administrative agency) for the purpose of profit maximisation but kept its headquarters in Ebrach. The municipal, church and private forests division was attached to the Department for Food, Agriculture and Forestry (ALEF Bamberg) with a branch office in Scheßlitz.

After the restructuring, a restaurant was opened in the building of the Forester's House. This has since been closed, and the premises are used for the accommodation of refugees.

The Forester's House is more than 100 years old. The so-called Forestry Office Assessor lived here. He administered almost 8000 hectares of forest at the peak, i.e. even forests around Schlüsselfeld and Bamberg. The Forestry Administration was split up in 2005 and, although some administrative work remained in Burgebrach, the Forester's House was converted to a restaurant.

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