The Parish House
Station 4

The parish house and courtyard have always stood on this site. The house must have been in a bad state in 1551 and probably also suffered in the Thirty Years' War. In 1684 Burgebrach was subordinated to Ebrach Abbey, whose abbot Alberich Degen had the parish house rebuilt. A coat of arms of the sole builder can be found on the north wall between the parish house and the yard gate. The parish house also once included a farmstead with various farm buildings. From the large parish barn with stables, threshing floor and a firewood store, it is known that it probably dates from the time around 1785

The parish house was at number 53 from 1812 onwards. However, this was changed during the street naming in 1968. The address of the property has been Ampferbacher Straße 2 ever since. A pigsty was added to the complex around 1850. There were also a dung heap, a rubbish pit and a well in the yard.

The presbytery ran its own brewery until shortly before the beginning of the First World War. The associated fields and meadows were leased afterwards. Finally, at the beginning of the 1920s, the large parish barn was also leased to local farmers, who used it until it was demolished at the beginning of the 1970s. Garages stand there today.

Other possessions included a right to cut wood in the coppice forest and a full parish right in the undistributed church property. The agricultural estate was still 14,0887 hectares in 1990.

The existing parish house was built by the state in the Jugendstil with echoes of the Renaissance in 1903. It is a picturesque building with stepped gables and an extended bay window on the west side. The foundation walls partially stand on the old walls of the previous building, e.g. they stand on an old foundation on the north side. However, the old building was approximately 3 metres narrower towards the south and approximately 2 metres longer on the east side.

A parish house has stood on this site since before 1550. However, it has been modified or rebuilt several times. It even used to include a farmstead, stables and brewery with fields and meadows.

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