The Elementary School
Station 5

A school in Burgebrach was mentioned for the first time in the year 1489. It was therefore one of the earliest in the entire Bamberg region. Lessons took place in the schoolmaster's home in those days. A second teacher came to Burgebrach in 1806 after the introduction of compulsory education. This resulted in a division: classes for the "secondary pupils" were held in the "upper gatehouse", and the "primary pupils" were taught in the old St. Michael's Chapel (Michaelskapelle) by the church square from 1817. Classes later took place in the parish hall, because St. Michael's Chapel had to be demolished in 1850 due to disrepair. A new schoolhouse was then built on its site.

Before the First World War, a larger, more modern school building was desired, in order to meet the demand. The idea for a new building in Burgebrach was born, but a location could not be agreed upon. And so it finally took 20 years before the parish priest Anton Sextl ended the dispute and started building in Ampferbacher Straße in 1928. Two apartments for teachers and a teachers' room were built in addition to four classrooms. Burgebrach gained one of the most beautiful and most modern schools in the area, which was officially opened in 1929. The building is still used for the primary school and lunchtime supervision. The Catholic parish community took over the old schoolhouse by the church square and used it for a long time as a residence for the sacristan and for youth work. After extensive refurbishment in 1982, it is now used as a parish community centre and bears the name "Edith Stein-Haus".

It goes without saying that there was also a state of emergency in the school in the Second World War. Even pupils from the Palatinate attended lessons here.

The basement was shored up with pit props, so that the pupils and teachers could use it as a shelter during air raids. However, classes were often cancelled completely: the teachers and the children had to search the fields for potato beetles in 1944. No classes were possible for one year after the invasion of the Americans in 1945, since soldiers used the school for their own purposes. After the withdrawal of the soldiers, it was still difficult to hold regular classes. The school was closed in the winter of 1950 because of a lack of coal. The numbers of pupils increased dramatically after the war, meaning that an emergency classroom even had to be set up in the town hall. The primary and secondary school is nowadays the headquarters of the Aurachtal-Ebrachgrund school association.

There was a school in Burgebrach more than 500 years ago. In those days it was in the home of the only teacher, but when a second teacher came to the town in 1806, lessons were held in public premises, e.g. in St. Michael's Chapel (Michaelskapelle) or the upper gatehouse. However, a schoolhouse was built on the site when the chapel became too old and had to be demolished. A new, larger school was built in the 1930s which is in service to this day in spite of several interruptions.

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Station 4:
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Station 6:
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